Established: 1971

Project: Tropical Rainforest Plot Network: quantifying natural forest dynamics in the absence of logging disturbance

Title: Tropical Rainforest Plot Network Data Packages

Abstract: The LTERN Tropical Rainforest Plot Network Rainforest Tree Demographic Data contains stem measurement data from 20, 0.5 ha permanent rainforest plots in Northern Queensland, Australia from 2011 to 2013. This is part of a much larger dataset that spans from 1971 to 2013 that is managed by CSIRO. Except for minor disturbances associated with selective logging on two plots, the plots were established in old growth forest and all plots have thereafter been protected. Plots have been regularly censused and at each census the diameter at breast height of all stems is recorded.  The data collected from the 20 plots provides an insight into the floristical composition, structure and long term forest dynamics of Australian tropical rainforests and allows direct comparisons to be made with long-term monitoring plots at a global scale.
Bradford, M.G., Murphy, H.T., Ford, A.J., Hogan, D. and Metcalfe, D.J. (2014) Long term stem inventory data from tropical rainforest plots in Australia. Ecology 95:2362.

Funding: Funding sources and in kind contributions are listed for each of the published data packages.

Study Area Description: The CSIRO permanent rainforest plots are located within 60 km of the north Queensland coast between Mackay (21.5ºS, 149ºE) and the Iron Range on Cape York Peninsula (12.5ºS, 143ºE). The plots have a rainfall range of 1200 to 3500 mm, represent eleven vegetation types, six parent materials, and range from 15 m to 1200 m above sea level.


Leader: Dr Dan Metcalfe
Position: Senior Research Scientist
Organisation: CSIRO
Address: EcoSciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Road, Dutton Park, 4102, Australia
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